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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

The Skin Report: LOVE YOUR LIPS

The Skin Report: LOVE YOUR LIPS

It's easy to forget the small parts. You spend time picking out the best cleanser and moisturizer because it's a must to have glowing skin. Well, dearhearts you can't forget those lips! They need and want love, too! 

Daily lip care is necessary. Get the best care by applying a nice lip balm or moisturizing agent. Make a habit of using a scrub 2-3x a week to get rid of the dead skin. Grab your honey and brown sugar or your extra virgin olive oil and brown sugar and hit that circular motion. Both of these scrubs will keep you nice and smooth and rid you chapped lips.

You not only want to keep them moisturized, but having SPF is a must too! So make sure your lip care is packed with it. 

Bobbi Brown Cosmetics lip treatment
$19 -

Lip treatment
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Ole Henriksen lip treatment
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Philosophy lip treatment
$12 -

Origins lip treatment
$11 -

Kiehl s lip treatment
$9.50 -

Kiehl s lip treatment
$9 -

Jack Wills lip treatment
$7.50 -

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$4.99 -

Burt s Bees lip treatment
£4.95 -

Lip treatment
£4.95 -

Burts Bees lip treatment
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Eos lip treatment
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$1.27 -

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blknwhtbeauty said...

Hey my friend from the World Natural Hairshow!! Has Maybelline released their Porcelain lipstick yet? I have been all over and can't find it anywhere.